Posing for Sanna Tomac at Atelier Stockholm Sofie at Dusk - portrait by Jeremy Lipking | posing for Sanna Tomac at Bååtska Palace | portrait by Sam Hencher | sketch portrait by Hans-Peter Szameit | sketch portrait by Sanna Tomac

* * *

My name is Sofie Violett Pehrsson, b.1986, Stockholm, Sweden.

I started out working artistically in watercolors and line illustration, with naive figurative motives.

In 2012 I began working as an art model, posing for artists such as Jeremy Lipking, Sanna Tomac, Hans-Peter Szameit and later Stephen Bauman. While working with figurative artists and getting to know their world and point of view I decided to learn the craft of realistic figurative drawing and painting myself. It's been an interesting journey to approach classical drawing and painting first as an object of the artists eye, and later as a student and practicing artist myself.

I've taken courses at both Atelier Stockholm and The Florence Academy of Art, participated in gallery shows in Sweden (such as Liljevalchs 2010 and 2015, Edsvik, and Vinca Minor), been acknowledged in periodicals such as Dagens Nyheter, Lyrikvännen and Ordkonst, and produced graphical design for authors and artists.