Cover art ("Sinfonia I, II, II" drawing) for a collection of three novels: Harmony Studies, New Adventures, Last Song. Written by K. Svensson, published through one of Sweden’s most successful kickstarter campains.


Cover art ("Lupa" drawing) for a collection of symbolistic short stories, Damen med vargen (Woman of the wolf), written by poet Renée Viviens, published by Alastor Press.

Paulina 1880.jpg

Cover art ("1880" drawing) for a depiction of a soul torn between divine grace and carnal suffering, Paulina 1880, written by Pierre Jean Jouves, published by Alastor Press.

Graphical design for swedish artist Lars Anders Johansson's record Ligistliv (2014).

The paintings were made by swedish realistic painter Nick Alm.


Graphical design and ink-illustrations for swedish artist Lars Anders Johansson's poetry Segelmakaren (2014).

The painting used as cover art is Caspar David Friedrich's Boats in the Harbour at Evening, c. 1828.


Graphical design and ink-illustration for swedish pop artist Parker Lewis' album Över Kilsbergen, Pengar & Leenden and Dream Baby.